All Under One Roof

Our on-site lab and diverse offerings allow us to uphold our values for quality in every aspect of our operations. Here, at Ozark Prosthodontics, we are one of the few prosthodontics facilities in the world with in-house prosthodontists and lab technicians in the same location. You might be thinking…what does that even mean? Our lab technicians and prosthodontists work together, hand-in-hand, on each case. The benefit of having this luxury is that this team does not have to outsource any service. It is all under the same roof! These experts can speak to you directly, listen to your concerns, and ensure every prosthesis is made to fit comfortably with the importance of aesthetics.

CAD/CAM Engineers

CAD stands for computer-aided design and CAM stands for computer-aided manufacturing. These CAD/CAM technicians are the engineers of our practice! At Ozark Prosthodontics, we use advanced technology that allows us to create custom dental appliances with the ultimate level of precision—therefore providing a better fit, greater comfort, and long-term reliability for the patient.


The Art Of Ceramics

A ceramist is the artist behind your new smile. Our ceramists color match prosthetics to create the most natural and beautiful smile that is one of a kind! Every smile, crown, bridge, and full arch are customized to you, and only you! The benefit of having these two incredibly talented people under the same roof is that they will work together to ensure the results are comfortable, functional, and beautiful! The process of ceramics is one of the last steps in creating your smile, or dental appliance. Our ceramist uses photography and shade guides to determine just the right shade for each patient’s prosthetic. You, your prosthodontist, and your ceramist all work together to ensure your prosthesis will look natural and make your smile you! Then, the process of hand-painting begins, ensuring a customized smile every time.

The Process of Artistry and Technology

The process of how your prosthesis is made, whether it is a crown, bridge, denture, or full arch, begins the same. At your new patient appointment, you and the doctor will determine your best treatment plan. At that appointment we take digital scans, x-rays, and photos. Using those plans the doctor will digitally plan your treatment. The doctor and lab work together to design your custom smile. Then, the model work begins. OP uses 3D printers and scanners to create models that are identical to your mouth. We use milling machines to create the prosthesis. We continue to take digital scans and photos throughout your treatment to ensure a custom and comfortable look and feel. When it is time for your final restoration, we take a final shade to ensure a perfect color match. Your final restoration will be made with Zirconia. Zirconia is a type of ceramic that has the greatest durability, strength, and a natural and comfortable fit. Finally, the ceramist will hand paint the prosthesis to make it YOURS!

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